A former chef, a current broadcaster, a wildlife conservationist, an artist, a singer; Gerri has spent two decades as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator working with bats and more recently, porcupines. She is a curious creature some call a Renaissance woman, who loves to travel, likes to laugh, eats candy, and possesses a super-sized passion for Iceland!

Since 2002, Griswold has traveled to Iceland 41 times. In 2010 she decided to share her passion with the world when she established Krummi Travel, which takes small groups of well behaved adults who are not cry babies, cranks. or pantywaists on richly crafted sojourns to her adopted homeland. Krummi Travel is the exclusive sponsor of Iceland Affair.

Iceland Affair is Griwold’s annual celebration of all things Iceland. Her mantra is that “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing. ” Food, art, nature, culture…all are represented. For the past four years Iceland Affair has been completely financed out of Griswold’s own pocket. Her mission is to build, brick by brick, the greatest festival celebrating Iceland in the United States. She truly believes that once you experience Iceland Affair you too will be swept up in her tsunami of love for the Land of Fire and Ice.